An elegant OOP with mixins + AOP for JavaScript.

Using dcl with ES6

dcl can be used with projects based on ES6. Unfortunately some tools had problems with dcl in a certain configuration:

  • For Node-based projects the browser globals distribution (see Installation) cannot be used.
  • Tools like webpack are difficult to configure to bypass certain modules from totally unnecessary compilation step.
    • Babel is used to compile from ES6 to ES5 all modules regardless of the fact that dcl uses strict ES5 subset.
    • Babel has problems with UMD unable to decipher static dependencies from it.

To make dcl more Babel-friendly so it can be easily used in React-based projects, or any projects, where tooling is based on webpack, new distribution was introduced: /es6/.

Starting with version 2.0.3 dcl has a special directory /es6/, which contains processed modules with dependencies done in the ES6 style with import statements. They expose their APIs with export default.

This feature is modeled after /dist/ directory, which hosts processed modules with browser global-based dependencies ready to be included with <script> or concatenated with other browser-ready files.

In order to use dcl in your ES6-based project just import its modules like that:

import dcl from 'dcl/es6/dcl';
import advise from 'dcl/es6/advise';

// more examples
import registry from 'dcl/es6/utils/registry';